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Chinese New Year 2022 Celebration in Ideal Vision

Chinese New Year is a special occasion to mark the beginning of new luck, full positivity, and new success. Since the beginning of January, Ideal Vision Phase 1 and Phase 2 offices were well decorated with red lanterns, red cloth, red paper cuttings, and other lucky items that symbolize good wishes and good fortune.

On 7th Lunar Day, all employees, well dressed in red/pink clothes have recommenced work and gathered for Chinese New Year celebration. The icing on the cake was the lightning upon a cacophony of firecrackers, along with Lion Dance and God of Wealth’s performance in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 offices. The lively atmosphere brought excitement and the hope of a fresh start to the Year of Tiger.

Apart from the celebration in the office, everyone was invited to join the Chinese New Year Lunch treats in Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery, which is a famous Nyonya food restaurant at Georgetown, Penang. Total 10 Nyonya dishes and “Yee Sang”, which is the prosperity salad for “Lao Sheng” activities were served to all employees. Not only Chinese, but other races were also enjoying the moment when tossing the “Yee Sang” as high as possible while calling out good wishes and hopes for the new year. This is also demonstrating the Chinese culture across different races and brings everyone into one family. At the same time, Ideal Vision’s CEO, Mr Edmund gave fortune Red Packets to everyone, and the session ended in joy.

In fact, Chinese New Year has ended, but the good wishes never end. Ideal Vision would like to wish you, good health, and much success in the Year of Tiger. May good fortune be abundant in year 2022 onwards.

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