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Edmund Yuen Addresses Critical Issues on Graduate Employability at NaSLeC 2023

On the 2nd of December 2023, the National Student Leadership Conference 2023, themed “Equitable Horizon: YOUth Empowerment for Employability amidst Rising Living Costs,” hosted by the Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA) in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education Malaysia, took place at INTI International University, Nilai.

The forum, titled “Charting the Future Workforce: Bridging Gaps in Employability and Talent Capital in the New Industrial Landscape,” aimed to foster in-depth discussions on the consequences of escalating living costs and propose mitigating measures. The session aligned with the announcement of the Malaysia Madani framework, seeking to cultivate a holistic employment ecosystem through youth participation in policy and advocate for equitable, quality higher education for marginalized groups.

Edmund Yuen joined esteemed speakers, including Mr. Zairin Adam, Secretariat Member, Advisory Committee to Finance Minister (ACFIN), Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow, Co-Founder of Fave Group, and Mr. Nicholas Tan, National Secretary-General at JCI Malaysia, in this forum.

The session emphasized key questions including causes of the record-high graduate underemployment rate, readiness of current graduates for the high-skilled demands of NIMP 2030, steps to close the gap between academic outcomes and industry expectations and the importance of internships and practical work experiences in enhancing graduate employability.

Addressing the panel, Edmund Yuen shared insights on the skills gap affecting graduate employability, proposing strategies for industry leaders to actively contribute to addressing this challenge.

This forum provided a valuable platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and educationalists to discuss critical issues surrounding employability and the evolving workforce. Edmund Yuen’s contributions furthered the dialogue on strategies to bridge gaps and ensure a robust future for Malaysia’s youth.

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