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Future Engineers on The Way

Ideal Vision had a collaboration workshop with INTI International College students that was held on the 30th of June (Thursday). This workshop was organized in order for students from INTI International College to get exposure to the environment in this particular working sector. Students who are clueless about their future career also get to explore and find what interests them by joining us in this workshop.

We had prepared several activities from different departments of our company throughout the workshop for the students. The activities that were included for the day were vision laboratory activities, machine learning, mechanical learning, as well as knowledge and experience sharing.

This 1-day engineering workshop was a success. The students from INTI International College were actively engaged during this whole workshop. Programs like these should be organised more in colleges and also in secondary schools so that students will learn more about what they like to do and to encourage them to pursue the career that they are keen to invest in.

Thank you to INTI International College for collaborating with us on this program and also to the students for joining us for this 1-day engineering workshop.

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By Published On: June 30th, 2022Categories: News

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