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Ideal Vision Brings Attention To The Importance Of Health

On August 5th (Friday), Ideal Vision employees were treated to an enlightening health awareness program.

During this Health Awareness Program, Ideal Vision had a collaboration with two parties which were Ms Chin Chin a Senior Consultant Dietitian from Singapore and Klinik Ihealth.  Ms Chin Chin gave the employees of Ideal Vision a virtual dietitian talk on the topic of “Healthy Living Guide”.

We prioritize our employee’s health by sponsoring an exclusive and comprehensive full health screening. The services provided by Klinik Ihealth also include an on-site test of bone mineral density and body composition analysis etc.

As the saying goes, “your health comes first.” In order to thrive in life, we must ensure that we are physically and mentally stable. Through this program, we believe this is a great opportunity for employees to help them be aware of their health status and we also believe that improving employee’s health can have a real impact on the productivity of the company and on the country as whole. It is important that beyond homes, a healthy and thriving community can provide comfort for the mind, body and soul.

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By Published On: August 10th, 2022Categories: News

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