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Introducing Ideal Vision’s Range of Smart Machine Vision Solutions

Our collection of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Series consists of different machines that are able to inspect different products especially in semiconductor industry which plays a critical role in the manufacturing process. Our AOI solutions are equipped with advanced technology such as Jäger Vision Inspection Software, patented 3D Technology and the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.

Jäger® Vision Software is an innovative machine vision platform offering comprehensive vision inspection tools. Highly flexible and integrable, it caters to diverse industries like medical and semiconductor. With double the processing speed of its predecessor and advanced threading technologies, it enables simultaneous processing, greatly enhancing system speed. From LEDs to automotive components, Jäger® Vision Software handles various inspection tasks efficiently in different conditions, ultimately boosting manufacturing productivity.

Our patented HDCompozite™ Technology revolutionizes inspection in the semiconductor industry. It utilizes a high-definition composite model for topographic analysis, measurements, and defect inspection. Applicable to various material surfaces like wafer bumps, wire bonds, and component height, HDCompozite™ generates precise images for accurate defect identification. This enables manufacturers to swiftly rectify faulty products, saving costs. Additionally, the software optimizes production by improving inspection reliability.

AISchütze™ Technology (AI) is our advanced AI platform for comprehensive solutions, including challenging factory automation inspection. It excels at detecting and classifying complex defects, surpassing conventional visual inspection methods. By leveraging deep learning algorithms, AISchütze™ identifies intricate product defects, enhancing efficiency.

With our AOI solutions, including Jäger® Vision Software, HDCompozite™ Technology, and AISchütze™ Technology, we provide the semiconductor industry with reliable and advanced inspection capabilities. These technologies empower manufacturers to streamline their processes, ensure product quality, and maximize overall operational efficiency.

By Published On: December 2nd, 2022Categories: News

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