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New Machine Launching – Storm Series High Speed Substrate AOI Machine

As technology is developing, Ideal Vision would like to research and develop more and more advanced machines. Hence, Ideal Vision was thrilled to launch the new advanced Storm Series, High Speed Substrate AOI Machine.

Key highlights of our solutions

  • Industry-leading inspection quality
  • Support Leadframe, Substrate and Tray
  • Cutting edge vision technology
  • Multiple vision inspection
  • Top and bottom inspection
  • Laser marking system
  • Reduce operational wastage
  • Increase production yield

The new advanced Storm Series High Speed Substrate AOI Machine from Ideal Vision represents a significant leap forward in inspection technology. With industry-leading inspection quality, this machine ensures unparalleled accuracy in detecting defects and abnormalities in Leadframe, Substrate, and Tray components. It utilizes cutting-edge vision technology to deliver precise and detailed inspections, enabling manufacturers to maintain the highest quality standards. The machine offers multiple vision inspection capabilities, allowing for comprehensive assessment of the entire product. Moreover, its ability to perform top and bottom inspections ensures thorough coverage and eliminates the possibility of overlooking any potential issues. The integrated laser marking system further enhances efficiency by providing quick and accurate marking of inspected components. By minimizing operational wastage and maximizing production yield, the Storm Series AOI Machine optimizes manufacturing processes and drives cost savings for businesses.

Let us enhance your production to a new level of efficiency!

By Published On: December 20th, 2022Categories: News

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