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The Magical Unforgettable Christmas Celebration Dinner at The Glasshouse

Ideal Vision hosted a spectacular Christmas celebration dinner on the 19th of December at The Glasshouse, The Prestige Hotel. The event brought together our dedicated staff for an evening of festive cheer, delicious food and a unique gift exchange experience.

The venue was decked with seasonal decorations and each staff member contributed to the festive atmosphere by preparing gifts. These gifts played a crucial role in the highlight of the evening – the special gift exchange session known as “Merry Mix-Up.”

The Merry Mix-Up session was unlike any typical Christmas gift exchange. Staff members were instructed in advance to prepare both a Good Gift and a Bad Gift. The first round of the session kicked off with Bad Gift based on entertaining and unexpected gift swapping instructions as laughter and camaraderie filled the room. The fun continued with the second round, called “Guess Your Bad Santa,” where each staff member took turns trying to decipher their Bad Santa based on cleverly crafted hints. Successful guesses were rewarded with the coveted Good Gifts. The excitement reached its peak as each staff member received their Good Gift, leading to a joyous gift unboxing session where surprises unfolded.

The Christmas celebration dinner concluded with an abundance of joyful moments, laughter, and heartfelt surprises. Ideal Vision takes pride in fostering a positive and vibrant work culture, and this festive gathering was a testament to the strong bonds and camaraderie within our team.

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