What is Machine Vision?

What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision is a combination of industrial hardware,  software algorithms, and specialized cameras or sensors that provides operational guidance to devices in the execution and analytic of their functions based on the capture and processing of images. The extraction of information such as object recognition, motion detection, and image segmentation are useful to various industries and applications, such as industrial automation, quality control, security, medical imaging, and autonomous vehicles. It is undeniable that machine vision performs with high consistency and reliability inspection due to integration of high resolution camera and latest technology of optics and illumination.

In fact, in recent years, technology has rapidly advanced and will gradually replace humans in most of the inspection applications in real world which help to solve tonnes of complex industrial tasks that hardly done by human. The automated machine vision system could help to increase efficiency and productivity due to the system analyzation and judgment are faster than humans which eventually helps in minimizing manual labor, waste and production costs. With the aid of automated machine vision system, quality control are assured which helps manufacturers in meeting regulatory standards and customer expectations.

By Published On: March 31st, 2023Categories: Insight

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